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Alexa, Fill My Prescription

Filed in Uncategorized — January 23, 2020

Not exactly, but kind of…

We are finally at that exciting time in construction when walls go up and drywall starts defining our space. Our vision at 3401 S Broadway is coming to life and it is time to start booking our technology installs in the weeks before we open. Planning these installations reminded us that we are spending more on technology than we are on our entire buildout- almost twice as much! We understand what we are competing against- we just quit jobs a large chains. We don’t plan to open our doors and offer less or make you pay more than our competition. We understand that we must add to your convenience and improve overall health for the same cost as across the street. This week would like to share with you our technologies and how we intend to use a modern approach to improve your health. 

A priority of ours while selecting pharmacy dispensing software was that grasping the “whole patient” image be easy when routinely checking prescriptions. Patients benefit from their healthcare providers treating every encounter as a part of a larger puzzle and not just an individual appointment. Your prescriptions should be no different. We want to account for not just your allergies and other meds, but also your health goals, preexisting conditions, habits, and special accommodations. Your health is continuous and dynamic. We believe that we must be able to see not just your history, but also adapt to current situations and incorporate your goals during each encounter. Another feature we made a priority is communication. From a patient perspective, we understand that there is more to talking with your pharmacist than just “your prescription is ready”. Patients need to ask confidential questions, get updated on their coverage status on prior authorizations, and want to know the best time to get a flu shot. Our software phone app allows for fully secure and HIPAA compliant texting between you and your Front Range pharmacist, as well as Front Range and your doctor. You can send images of pills you find on the ground, your new insurance card, or your child’s rash reaction to their medication – all securely and without waiting in line on the phone. A large pain point in software we have used in the past was the inability to effectively annotate your profile with special needs or requests. A strength in the software we have chosen is our ability to not only document things like needing a particular brand of a medication, but also setting our inventory thresholds to make that it is in stock when you expect it. Unlike our competition, we get to decide what kind and how much medication to keep on our shelves. Our pharmacy dispensing software is unlike anything we have had the chance to work with and affords us flexibility to serve you efficiently and consistently. 


If you have ever struggled with organizing your prescriptions or a had to manage a family member’s multiple medications, then you know tools like pill minders are a common solution. They are also time consuming to arrange, prone to human error, and you are still left with bulky pill bottles. At Front Range, one of our immediate goals was to help solve this problem. We specifically set aside money to purchase a robot that will pack a months worth of your medications into easy to use dose packs, all rolled up into a box that sits on your counter. Our Front Range “DayPacks” will have the name of each medication, the dose, and what time of day the pack is to be taken. This way you will always know what you are taking, when you are supposed to take it, and know if you miss any doses. This is a great option for a person who struggles to remember the timing of their medication, has kids on school meds, needs travel supplies, or cares for aging loved ones. We offer this service to anyone for free—whether you are on one medication or twenty, starting the day we open our doors. We are excited to share more about this technology and plan to make a video showing you the process, but for now feel free to visit our website to learn more!

We want our service to be purposeful and deliberate, and we are fortunate that independent pharmacies have so many incredible resources to make that happen. We are prepared to accommodate your preferences, listen to your feedback, and build comprehensive health goals that are realistic and unique to you. We have invested in the technology that not only makes it easier for us to care for you, but also simplifies how you care for yourself. We are ready to surprise you with just how easy and convenient switching to your local pharmacy will be.