Meet Our Team

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Hometown: Chesnee, SC

College: University of South Carolina

Growing up working in a small, corner drug store in South Carolina taught Michael that being a pharmacist means much more than dispensing medication. Being someone’s pharmacist meant being their counselor, friend, medication expert, lifestyle cheerleader and trusted professional. He is certain that pharmacy is best done on the local level where a relationship can result in measurable health outcomes for patients. Front Range Pharmacy is a dream come true for Michael – and one that he and Bridget are eager to share with the community.




Hometown: Seattle, WA

College: University of New Mexico

After working at big chain pharmacies for six years, Bridget was convinced that corporate policies actually restricted her ability to care for patients. Bridget teamed up with Michael, and together they brought their vision of patient-centered pharmacy to life at Front Range. Bridget is passionate about women’s health, is an expert in vaccinations, and loves helping people navigate the over-the-counter section for prescription alternatives. Bridget is excited to offer an elevated pharmacy experience and kind customer service to her community.


Kelsey Otis


Kelsey is a Colorado native with several years of experience in retail pharmacy. She fell in love with the business, but always hoped for something more than the stifling environment of corporate retail. Kelsey has seen the impact a personal touch has and is dedicated to bringing a higher standard of care than what corporate pharmacy allows. Working with Michael was a breath of fresh air, and she is eager to join him and Bridget to make Front Range a reality.

peggy mcnellis


A Colorado native, Peggy has 40 years of pharmacy experience as a certified technician while working for several chain pharmacies. Three years after Walgreens bought her Rite Aid, she felt it was time to change and get back to what pharmacy is all about: Care. Peggy feels that her role in serving the community is all about caring for patients in a way that is based around trust – and always doing so with a smile on!