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The Corner Drug Store 2.0

Filed in Uncategorized — December 26, 2019

Cash & Henderson Drugs, Chesnee SC

Cash & Henderson Drugs, Chesnee SC

There are so many reasons that I enjoy the title “Corner Drug Store” instead of “pharmacy”. Growing up in a quintessential corner drug store was so special – it was such a place of comfort, familiarity, and nostalgia. People came and went frequently but few referred to their visit as an “errand” or “chore”. Our community cherished this place… it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I realized what a luxury it was to have Cash & Henderson Drugs in my life. Hey guys, it’s Michael, and this week I want to expand upon what we want Front Range to be to our community: The Corner Drug Store 2.0.

Over the last 15 years, Pharmacists have lobbied intensely to use our knowledge as medication experts to expand our role into the healthcare chain – and we’ve succeeded on so many fronts. Pharmacists can now screen you and administer just about any immunization without a prescription. We can create care plans from a medicinal perspective that sync with your record at your doctor’s office, furthering the communication between your health professionals. In Colorado, pharmacists can enroll in additional training allowing them prescribe birth control by appointment at, in many cases, reduced cost. Pharmacies can do in-store testing for strep and flu, then let you leave with a prescription all via a collaborative practice agreement. As prescription drugs continue to dominate healthcare costs, pharmacists must step into your specific healthcare equation and give you the guidance you need to succeed. At Front Range Pharmacy, our pharmacists plan to operate everyday by celebrating your health accomplishments and keeping your health goals first.

After a recent trip back home and visit into my old place of employment, I was overwhelmed again by the shear amount of history, hard work, resilience, and passion in its walls. Having been open since the 40’s, the impact this local gem has had on the community is simply immeasurable. Front Range Pharmacy definitely draws inspiration from that establishment and many others like it. Our vision is a mix of past and present: to work toward the lofty goal of becoming our community’s corner drug store, but also have all the conveniences offered by our big chain competition. We have signed up with state-of-art software including an app for our patients to use if they choose. Almost all paperwork can be downloaded or emailed instead of printed, reducing paper waste and giving you your information securely on the platform we all use most . We have a pill-packaging robot capable of organizing your meds in perfect, thoughtful strips that we can’t wait to show you. While we will not have a drive thru, we will do curbside drop-off/pickup where you can sign for everything in your vehicle. We have some creative solutions for coping with the cost of prescriptions and plan to be your most flexible option. In the future, we want to offer free delivery to those in our area with mobility issues or schedules that aren’t compatible with our business hours. We plan to staff generously, so you always have the opportunity to ask questions and actually be listened to. We want you guys to shape who we are and what we do. In order for Front Range to become The Corner Drug Store 2.0, we must blend the cherished establishment of old with a convenient, efficient, and modern pharmacy. In the coming weeks we plan to uncover some more of our process and give you a transparent look at how your local pharmacy is already working hard for you!